Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

As I said in my article I will reveal to you three stocks I currently hold in my portfolio also giving a brief explaination of why I am holding on to these. I will also list some sources of education with reference to investing in equities.

So firstly 3 stocks I am holding on to currently are
  • AAPL (Apple Computers)
  • C (Citigroup Bank)
  • MRK (Merck and Co)

AAPL- You don't have to look far or to deeply to see why so many individual investors as well as big financial institution's are still holding on to Apple waiting for further aggresive growth. If you do not know it is due to the launch of the recent iPhone and the shrewd deal that Steve Job's the CEO has negotiated with ATT. There are many analysts out there who still have a $200 price target for Apple....Do some research.

C-Citigroup in recent months has been one of the big financial institutions that has been hit hard by the recent collapse in the sub prime mortage market in America. As a result a number of financial instutions stock prices are still undervalued in my eye's also if you do a bit of technical analysis you can see it is still way below its 50, 200 as well as 300 day moving averages.

MRK- Merck & Co as you will probaly know is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies out there and the stock price in the last 3 months has generally been on a downwards trend even though the market as well as MRK over the past year has been on an upward one. Just under three months ago the stock price was just over $3 more than it was now and I feel that MRK will surpass this height within the preceeding months.

Being able to analyse market data as well as succesfully pick good stocks undoubtably requires skills which can be readily learnt and implimented and there are a variety of sources out there which will give you them strategies and understanding to run a profitable portfolio.

One course I have heard good thing's about is called Part Time Trading for Full Time Profit's. Its written by behavioural phycholigists as well as Doctors of mathematic's. Its well worth having a look over at their site as you can subscribe to recieve some trading tips for free even if you don't take their course.

If you wanna see what is has to offer click here!

One other course that has had extremely good review's has been 'Online Option'. The course creator is affiliated with some of the biggest name's in wealth generation and unlike some other courses this is a membership site with updated content and good customer service. In my opinion its well worth having a look at.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

General Patterns In the Markets

If you analyzed all of the data from the stock markets as a whole over a long period of time ie decades you will see that year on year in general the stock markets as a whole are growing (in the region of 8% a year).
You only have to look at the recent record finish of the "Dow Industrial Average" above a historic 14,000 points.

If this is the case one may ask themselves why it is the small minority of individuals and organisations that ever make consistent returns in the stock markets.
This is generally universally because as many professional's will tell you the Stock Markets are influenced by emotion as a pose to Cold Hard Logic.

If you type it in to Google you will probaly see a the terms "Greed and Fear" come up in the context of the markets a few times.
This is generaly the reason that the markets as a whole can be full of such volatility.
If you can grasp this concept and understand the main protaganists of the stock markets then you will be able to predict future behaviour more effectively.